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Dexter Simms is a Black British man born in the 1980s and raised in South West London. Dexter was educated in a state school/college within South London where Black British men had a label to not succeed. Dexter Simms from an early age had always dreamed of running his own business and created and delivered a brand which he would solely own. To this day he lives this childhood dream.

 Today, Dexter Simms focuses on his brand, Mula Cake Limited. ‘Mula’ and ‘Cake’ were put together by its founder Dexter Simms who believes that both items bring a mixture of fun and pleasure to everyone. ‘Mula’- meaning money always helps one to feel happy about life and ‘Cake’ – well they always bring a sense of enjoyment and pleasure to all who that eat them! 





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Mula Cake Clothing Ltd was established in London in 2013 and has proudly created and delivered over 86 pop-up shops across the UK. Before and during the pop-up shops period, you would be able to call Mr Simms 24 hours a day if you wanted to purchase his clothing line. Dexter Simms would deliver your order personally in his car or on foot: he highly appreciates people wearing his brand.

Mula Cake Ltd are proud to say, Mula Cake Clothing since October 2017 now as a flagship shop located at: 7 Brigstock Parade, London Road, CR7 7HW, Telephone: 07983 258305

With over a year of learning the clothing business on-site, doing a lot of hard work and having the sheer drive and total commitment, this brand is now fully live and about to take the world by storm.


Mula Cake kids Club CIC was incorporated by Dexter Simms in 2014. The clubs have been previously supported by The National lottery and are praised as centres that nurture and inspire children. Mula Cake kids Club is proud to send children home daily with a hot healthy meal, coupled with mindful education. This is a workshop based holiday with the sole aim of inspiring young people to become entrepreneurs.


With the increase in knife crime on our streets and a decrease in community centres and youth clubs, Dexter Simms wanted to open a ‘safe haven’ for the local youths where they can have: “less time to idolise negativity and hang out on street corners. 

The CEO of Mula Cake has transformed his personal retail business premises on London Road at 7 Brigstock Parade, Thornton Heath into a creative Community Hub. 



Dexter Simms shares his knowledge and achievements by going into schools, colleges and prisons with the main aim of fuelling & promoting his entrepreneurial mindset. With daily inspirational video across social media Dexter has a strong following of people that trust his advice on how to change their mindsets and become successful.


In August 2017, Dexter put together a basketball tournament for children aged 14-16 down at Regal Basketball courts in his birth town Kennington. With the support from 2 local parents and London Lione MVP Justin Robinson, Dexter was able to host this basketball event free of charge, having a total of 86 participants. The winners were gifted with medals, trophies and Mula Wolves jersey along with free tickets to a live London Lion game. On the back of this tournament, Dexter managed to keep some of the boys together to form a Mula Wolves basketball team with aspirations to turn it into a basketball academy. Look out for the next Mula Wolves tournament coming soon near you.

 Lambeth Tigers

Twelve years ago, Dexter Simms and David Mariott decided to build a football team, The Lambeth Tigers. Their vision was to one day turn it into an Academy. The team won endless games and survived on little or no government funding. Both black British men have made a great achievement to turn 13 teams, 10 coaches and over 60 children signed tot professional contracts. These individuals have gone on to receive over 100 cups, trophies and medals.

This has had a massive impact on the Lambeth community by providing opportunities, building self-confidence and job vacancies for others. This shows the level of commitment that both black British men have shown to help other peoples future.

Years on David Marriott and Jamel Jarret has taken the academy to higher heights and recently been gifted a brand new Nike Astro Turf training pitch from England Pro footballer Jayden Sancho.

Formed in 2003, Industreets Entertainment provides a wide range of services aimed at supporting and organising the heart of our industry, in the the streets.

Since our formation, we have gone from strength to strength and have supported both the mainstream and undergrounds finest. We’ve been involved in the launch some of the UK’s most groundbreaking movements from underground company start-ups to industry award ceremonies and we are collectively known as an influential and longstanding member of the industry in the streets!

We are here to serve both artists and organisations lacking the specific knowledge to capitalise on their talents and raise their profiles locally, nationally and even internationally.  Supporting the likes of maleek Berry, Big Narstie, Giggs to name a few along their journey. Industreets is the go to company whether signed or unsigned. Wanting a specific service or a range of services? Talk to the Industreets team to see how we can support your project.


White2go is the No1 teeth whitening company in Germany. The first to offer a treatment with NO peroxide and Gelatine which makes it the chosen safe product across all races, cultures, religions and pregnant women.

White2go offers 2 ways in which to successfully brighten your smile. Self-treatment home box or in house treatment with the many outlets that will be available across England. The treatment has no pain and side effects and is safe and tested.

Dexter Simms is now the sole distributor within the UK for this brand and as an interested party in the company will be instrumental in taking the brand forward into 2020.

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